Master of Arts Conference Interpreter

Jennifer Lennartz

About me

I interpret and translate between English, French and German. I obtained a B.A. in Multilingual Communications and a M.A. in Conference Interpreting. I have been a member of the German Association of Conference Interpreters (VKD) within the Professional Association of Interpreters and Translators in Germany (BDÜ) since 2016.


During my work as a freelance interpreter and translator for English, French and German, in Germany and abroad, I have gained significant experiences in the following areas:

Economy and Trade Unionism European Work Councils, business meetings, marketing studies
Politics European Youth Work, intercultural and cross-border communication, development assistance, fellowship programmes
Social German-French anti-racism work-shop, adult education
Law Notary offices (work law and purchase agreements)
Medical Field Pharmaceutical studies
Football match press conferences, football summits, training units, international business and council meetings, mentorship programmes and much more
Art Exhibition openings
Logistics and car industry Work safety in the car industry, meetings between sellers and buyers, logistics and transport
Manufacturing and railway transportation Lift manufacturing, European maintenance centres for trains and busses, generators and steam turbines
Agriculture and Environment Work unions, farmers' seminars, summits for climate protection, school gardening
Fashion Translation of fashion items


As a professional conference interpreter, I offer high-quality services such as simultaneous, consecutive, community, and whispered interpreting.


I translate texts and documents from Englisch and French into German. 

Other Services

I have access to a network of highly qualified interpreters and technicians. I can assist you in putting together a team of interpreters for your next conference and organise the technical equipment you need.


Jennifer Lennartz

Tel.: +49 163 73 20 285
Email: [email protected]

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